Perfect Knowledge FAQ - Perfect Knowledge Technical Assessment Testing
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Perfect Knowledge FAQ

1. Can I combine skills from several tests?

Yes, it is possible to integrate various tests into one combined test

2. Can Test question(s) can have more than 4 possible answers?

Yes, test questions can have up-to 8 possible answers

3. Can you include diagrams or images in your test?

Yes, you can include images as exhibits (e.g. graphs, code samples, pictures. Etc.)

4. Does a test result include a detailed breakdown by skills?

Yes, test result will include a breakdown by skills categories.

5. Can a customer design his or her own test?

Yes, the customer can submit a custom list of questions with answers, organizing questions by skill categories

6. What is a skill category?

For example, a skill category can be: “JavaScript – basic/mid-level/advanced.” The customer may choose his or her own categories and levels.

7. Can you control the time given for each test?

Yes, it is possible to set different times for each test.

8. How do you determine the passing score?

The customer controls the passing score and each customer can decide on the passing score % for each test.

9. How do you receive test results for each candidate?

The test result is emailed to customer’s designated contact via email. It includes basic candidate information, score, time taken on test, and summary of correctly scored questions by skills category. In addition, the result will list all questions and will show how candidate answered each.

10. Can a candidate re-take a test?

By default, the test can be taken only once. It is possible to customize this option.

11. How long is a typical exam?

A typical exam takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete, but may be longer or shorter.

12. Can a candidate take a break during a test, or must the test be taken in one sitting?

An exam should be taken in one sitting with no breaks.