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Avoid Surprises with IT Skills Assessment Testing

Perfect Knowledge is the perfect way for busy HR recruiters like you to determine¬†whether IT candidates have the skills and skill combinations that appear on their resumes. Our targeted IT skills assessment testing means candidates will demonstrate their proficiency before they proceed down the technical interview pipeline. The result… less wasted time, fewer disappointments, more satisfied colleagues in your IT department.

Integrated IT Skills Assessment Testing Reduces Technical Hiring Guesswork

Perfect Knowledge – Avoid Costly “Wrong Hires”

With IT skills assessment testing, you will know from the outset whether the candidate has the technical skills and skill combinations required to succeed in the open position. Those who lack proficiency will go no further.

Perfect Knowledge – You Decide What to Test

Select the technologies that matter for your hiring requisition, and decide how important each one is. Not sure? You can use our pre-developed tests based on years of practical experience and success.

Perfect Knowledge – You Save Everyone’s Time

Find out which candidates fit the profile you and your tech managers have established, and which do not. Ensure the right potential hires head down the interview pipeline and save everyone’s time and effort.

The Perfect Knowledge platform was designed by Appcore Solutions.




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