IT Skills Assessment Benefits - Perfect Knowledge Technical Assessment Testing
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IT Skills Assessment Benefits

Why are HR Recruiters using

HR Department Benefits 

Filter Candidates - Early elimination of unqualified candidates

Improving collaboration with IT team

IT Department Benefits 

Reduce IT team time - IT team focuses on qualified candidates only

Allowing IT team to enhance pre-qualification stage - IT can add and revise skills tests

Company Benefits 

Faster Hiring of qualified candidates - satisfy project deadlines

Improving HR/IT communication process

Filtering Candidates Early

With, HR recruiters will not expend time and effort on candidates who lack necessary skills.

Improving Collaboration with the IT team

Rigorous skills assessment testing will remove unqualified candidates from your hiring pipeline. Your IT team colleagues will thank you for saving their time.

Reduce IT Team time

Time is money, especially when hiring is concerned. Rapid identification of unqualified candidates will help IT avoid investing time on candidates who cannot fulfill job requirements.

Allow the IT Team to enhance pre-qualification stage

IT can add or revise skills tests to know from the outset whether the candidate has the technical skills and skill combinations required to succeed in the open position. Those who lack proficiency will go no further.

Faster Hiring of Qualified Candidates

When project deadlines are looming, it is critical to find the right candidates quickly and bring them on-board. helps your hiring process stay on track.

Improving HR/IT Communication Process

Become an IT hero and depend on Perfect Knowledge to build a strong relationship with IT by giving them the candidates they seek. There is no question that supplying your IT colleagues with the right candidates, those who have the required skills and skill combinations, will foster greater trust and reliance on your candidate acquisition and screening skills.


These are only a few of the IT Skills Assessment benefits you will realize from using the Perfect Knowledge assessment platform. Try the platform yourself, by clicking the button.