About IT Skills Assessment Testing - Perfect Knowledge Technical Assessment Testing
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About IT Skills Assessment Testing

Perfect Knowledge is the perfect IT Skills Assessment testing platform for you, the HR recruiter, because we spent years of effort developing and refining both the IT Skills Assessment testing concept and our platform. We are IT recruiters with long technical backgrounds, and we know the value of our client’s time, and our candidate’s time. Yes, we needed a testing solution that didn’t exist, so we created PerfectKnowledge.

In-Demand IT Skills Change Rapidly

IT skills and skill combinations change so rapidly and dynamically in today’s market that even with our past technical experience, we were challenged to find candidates who were “the real deal” for a given hiring requisition. There had to be a better way, and we built it.

Your Own IT Subject Matter Testing Expert

Before Perfect Knowledge existed, we used paid subject matter experts (SMEs) to interview candidates. However, this approach introduced delays in the candidate assessment process and was not scalable. Instead, we hired SMEs to design tests and build a robust testing and scoring mechanism that can test many candidates across a universe of skills. What started as a manual interview process became a complete IT Skills Assessment Testing platform. We invested in automating our testing processes, and now you can reap the benefits.

Your Tests, Ours or Combinations

Your subscription to Perfect Knowledge means that from day one, you have access to scores of pre-built tests that examine candidate abilities in the latest combinations of IT skills as well as some more traditional IT practice areas. Need something that’s not in our test library? Great, you and your technical team colleagues can create your own exams, or combine your questions with ours, to focus on skill combinations particular to your organization and current hiring need. Even better, you decide on the passing grade and time duration for each test, whether yours, a combination, or ours.

Try Perfect Knowledge Now and See for Yourself

Take a test drive of Perfect Knowledge right now and see how IT Skills Assessment testing helps you find the right candidates for your hiring needs. It’s time for you to become an HR recruiting legend in your organization. Let’s get started.